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kankusaku's Journal

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I know you're out there, Kankusaku fans! Maybe you came to feel they make a good couple because of the events in Naruto II, or maybe you just decided they would make an interesting couple. Either way, this is the place for you. This is primarily for Kankusaku fanfiction, fanart, etc. However, you can also post fanart or fanfiction solely about one of these characters. Since this is a group that supports Kankusaku, though, please don't post fics that pair them with other characters!

1. Kankusaku pairings only. Post fics for other couples at other places. Kthxbai!
2. Respect your fellow members. I'll ban you if you're an ass.
3. Anything goes, really...I'm a big ol pervy fan of M-rated fanfiction, so if you're a tiny tot, you shouldn't be here! Because I will not be censoring anything people post for you.
4. Stay active!

As you can see, we're just getting started. So any help would be loved! Especially if someone could help me come up with a cute layout, banners, etc. I no longer have PSP9 (deleted it like an idiot. Gotta re-download), so I will eventually make some myself but...For now, I need some help! I'm looking for moderators, too...So if you want to be one, ask! I want someone who can stay dedicated, of course. And if help by making a layout and/or banners, well, you're a lot more likely to become a moderator, aren't ya?
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